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    Camp Chawanakee has celebrated a long standing tradition of offering Scouts and Scouters around the country a premier location to enjoy a quality summer camp program. With all these years behind us Sequoia Council is taking steps to encourage this tradition to continue in the future. If you are interested in helping us keep this great camping tradition please check below for the following options:

  • Join our Camp Staff:

        The main purpose of camp is to have the ability to provide a place to learn, develop character, and experience new skills and opportunities. One of the most important ways we can offer this is to have a staff that can be role models for our campers. The scouts and scouters will remember staff far longer than they'll remember merit badges, the ropes course, or campfire skits. If you are interested in becoming a part of our camp staff and experiencing summer camp like never before please fill out the camp staff application and mail it into our Fresno Office at 6005 N Tamera Fresno CA 93711. Online Staff Application here. Staff Application PDF here. Online CIT application here. CIT Application PDF here.


  • Camperships

    All Scouts should experience the “wonderful world of camping” that Cub and Boy Scouting has to offer. The Sequoia Council is committed to ensuring that Scouts have the opportunity to attend camp, and as such, we provide scholarships to those in need to help them realize their camping dream. All units are encouraged to participate in the annual popcorn sale to help Scouts earn the money necessary to attend Boy Scout Summer Camp or Cub Scout Day Camp.

    Campership application should be in the council office by no later than May 1st. Once we receive a campership application we will send a confirmation letter to let you know we received it okay. After the due date is passed all the applications will be reviewed and letters will be sent out to the families to let you know how much you will be receiving. In the case of summer camp we will also send a copy to the troop contact leader letting them know as well. For your convenience this year we are now offering electronic copy of the campership which you can fill out online this year.

    Download the form Fill out the form online
    Campership Application Online Application
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