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2018 Camp Survey
   Let us know about your visit up at camp.
Boy Scout Merit Badges
   A comprehensive listing of all merit badges offered by the Boy Scouts of America and resources for each one.
Camp Chawanakee Facebook
   Become a fan of Camp Chawanakee's Facebook page. Keep up to date and informed about camp with all your friends.
Camp Staff Application
   Want to be a member of camp staff? Fill out this form to get started.
Campership Online Application
   Fill out the campership form online.
CIT Application
   Want to try being a counselor at camp? Fill out this application to sign up.
Club Chawanakee
   A family camp experience for any families interested in staying at Camp Chawanakee.
Family Camp
   Family Camp is the premier location for scouting and non scouting families to have a fun and relaxing vacation.
How to sign up for classes online
   This video shows you what you need to know to sign up for classes online.
Klondike Derby
   Experience Camp Chawanakee like you've never seen it before, buried under snow. Compete against other troops from around California in this Yukon themed event.
Sequoia Council Boy Scouts of America
   The website for the Sequoia Council Boy Scouts who run and over see Camp Chawanakee.
www.Weather.com for Shaver Lake
   Curious what there current temperatures are up at camp. Check online here and you'll see what the current temperatures and conditions are for Shaver Lake.
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