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Camp Chawanakee
Training Schedule

Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills

  • Wood Tools- Monday @Eagle Point @8:30am(1st period)
  • Ropes- Monday @Eagle Point @10:30(3rd period)
  • Outdoor Ethics/LNT 101- Monday @Training Center @2:15pm
  • Campsite Selection- Tuesday @Scoutcraft @8:30am or 10:30am(1st or 3rd period)
  • Trek Safely/ Packing and Hiking Techniques- Tuesday @Training Center @2:15pm
  • Flag Etiquette- Tuesday @Training Center @3:30pm
  • Finding Your Way- Wednesday @Eagle Point(Trails) @10:30(3rd period)
  • Cooking- Wednesday and Thursday @Scoutcraft @8:30(1st period)
  • Fire Site Preparation and Building- Thursday @Eagle Point(Trails) @9:30(2nd period)
  • Plant Identification- Thursday @Nature Area @2:15pm
  • Animal Identification- Thursday @Nature Area @2:15pm
  • Wrap Up Session- Thursday @Training Center @7pm

Other Training

  • LNT 101- Monday @Training Center @2:15pm
  • Safe Swim Defense/Safety Afloat- Monday @Waterfront @7pm
  • First Aid/CPR- Tuesday @Training Center @9am-11:30am
  • Trek Safely- Tuesday @Training Center @2:15pm
  • Climb on Safely- Friday @The Wall @8:30am
  • Youth Protection- Done upon request
Spacer Camp Chawanakee is run by Sequoia Council Boy Scouts
A 5 year accredited camp under the NCAP program
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