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Permission Slip for Camp Chawanakee late update
by Joseph Potthast May 31 2017 9:21 PM

Sorry for the lateness of this form but we have only recently been directed by the Boy Scout of America that a form is necessary for Scouts attending California Camps. Please bring this form with your unit to Camp. The form can be downloaded from our website at Permission Form (http://www.chawanakee.com/dl.cfm?ID=100).

Joseph Potthast says:
@924SF while there is occasionally some smoke up here the fire is too far away to be of threat to camp.
Troop 924 San Francisco council week 7 says:
We are haring a lot in the news on fires in the area, what risk is there to camp and do we have any issues for week 7?
Joseph Potthast says:
@595GLA all pre-reqs where check against the 2017 Requirement book so that requirement is still valid. After checking online yes national has updated the requirements but the old ones are still valid for this year.
Troop 595 Greater Los Angeles council week 8 says:
Small Boat Sailing shows pre-req for CPR - most recent requirements (2016 printing) show no CPR requirement present... is this still a pre-req or an error due to previous requirements in the system? Please advise, we have 8 scouts in this course. Thx
Joseph Potthast says:
@139 Yes that is correct you will need to bring extra tents. We'll do what we can to move tents in but you should have your tents in case we aren't able to.
Troop 139 Sequoia council week 5 says:
for week 5 we heard that campsite Yosemite is overbooked. What does that mean for our troop that was signed up by last month? Do we need to bring tents? Troop 139
Joseph Potthast says:
@66GE you can just put Yuma down no need to abbreviate.
Troop 66 Golden Empire council week 2 says:
For the buddy tags what is the abbreviation for our campsite: Yuma?
Joseph Potthast says:
@765SD yes you are correct if the parents do not want the scout to do any shooting sports activities they just don't fill out the form.
Troop 765 San Diego council week 2 says:
The form gives permission to use firearms. How about if the parent DOES not give this permission? Not bringing the form suffice? Your message says the form "is necessary for Scouts attending California Camps" not that it is needed for arms handling.
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